Measurement concepts: from classical transducers to new MEMS

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    In this paper a formalization of the measurement concept (mc) is presented. Based on this formalization, a classical measurement concept (cmc) supported by classical transducers is derived. Restrictions and inconveniences of the cmc are exposed when the evaluation of more characteristics is concerned (the so-called multi-measurement process). Using a new measurement concept (nmc) developed in this work, the main drawbacks of the cmc can be removed. The core of the nmc is an actuator–sensor structure. Some basic principles regarding the design of this new structure as a MicroElectroMechanical System (MEMS) are also mentioned. Developing a state-space representation of the classical transducer and the new structure, the practical implementations of both concepts are compared and the superiority of the nmc is proven. Finally, the nmc is illustrated with an example concerning the determination of fluid and flow parameters using MEMS.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2000


    • Transducer
    • MEMS
    • Measurement concept
    • Actuator–sensor structure
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