Measurement of Wear in Radial Journal Bearings

D.J. Ligterink, D.J. Ligterink, A.W.J. de Gee

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    this article, the measurement of wear in radial journal bearings is discussed, where a distinction is made between stationary and non-stationary contact conditions. Starting with Holm/Archard's wear law, equations are derived for the calculation of the specific wear rate k of the bearing material as a function of the wear depth d, measured after an experiment or a period of use in practice. It is also possible to calculate a value for the maximum allowable apparent pressure pa at given values of k, required lifetime and maximum allowable wear depth d, or a value of d at a given value of pa. In order to facilitate the use of the equations mentioned above, non-dimensional diagrams are presented. Two examples are given to explain the use of these diagrams.
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    JournalTriboTest journal
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 1996


    • IR-71223
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    • radial
    • stationary contact
    • bearing
    • journal
    • non-stationary
    • Wear measurement

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