MEMS 6 degrees of freedom parallel micro manipulator for TEM sample manipulation

D.M. Brouwer, B.R. de Jong, Herman Soemers

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Up till now MEMS actuators acted either only in-plane or only out-of plane restricting to 3 DOF manipulation. A design for a millimeter-sized manipulator with 6 degrees of freedom to manipulate a micron-sized substrate at nanometer resolution over strokes of 10 microns with a position stability better than 100 pm over a minute is presented as part of the Multi Axis Micro Stage (MAMS) project of IOP precision technology of SenterNovem. A secondary goal of the project is to generate principle solutions for manipulation and sensing in the micro domain. A parallel kinematic manipulator has been designed in MEMS processes to operate in a TEM environment. The parallel kinematics is used to convert in-plane motion to 6 DOF. For large angles the MEMS device is mounted on a second stage, which is designed with assembly like techniques. Currently the MEMS devices are being processed in the MESA+ clean room.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2005
EventPhilips Precision Technology Conference 2005 - Groenendael, Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands
Duration: 1 Apr 20051 Apr 2005


ConferencePhilips Precision Technology Conference 2005
OtherApril 2005


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