Method of transferring data packets in a communications network

H.G.P. Bosch (Inventor), Sape J. Mullender (Inventor), G.J. Narlikar (Inventor)

    Research output: Patent


    In a method of communication, a first type of data packet is received. The first type of data packet is at least a portion of a second type of data packet. Based on the received first type of data packet, a determination is made as to whether to expect receipt of a subsequent first type of data packet in a given time interval. A status signal is sent if the subsequent first type of data packet is not received in the given time interval as determined in the determining step. In another method of communication, a data packet is received at a physical layer over a circuit switched physical channel. A status of the data packet is determined at the physical layer. A status report is sent to a higher protocol layer based on the determination.
    Original languageUndefined
    Patent numberEP1864421
    Priority date5/10/06
    Publication statusSubmitted - 5 Oct 2006


    • METIS-248235
    • EWI-11502

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