Micro Total Analysis Systems: Microfluidic aspects, integration concept and applications

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    In this contribution three aspects of miniaturized total analysis systems (µTAS) are described and discussed in detail. First, an overview of microfabricated components for fluid handling is given. A description of the importance of sampling- and fluid-handling techniques is followed by details of microvalves, micropumps and micro flowchannels. Secondly, the problems associated with system integration are discussed. As a solution for the realization of microfluidic- and micro analysis systems, the concept of a planar mixed circuit board (MCB) as a platform for the integration of different components is described. In addition, the design, modeling and simulation, and realization of several components in the form of standard modules for integration on a MCB is described. As an illustration of the potential of this approach, the realization of a µTAS demonstrator for the optical detection of the pH change of a pH indicator, is presented. Finally, a number of different applications of µTAS are described, such as on-line process monitoring, environmental monitoring, biomedical and space applications and DNA-analysis.
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