Microfluidic device for selection of semen

Bjorn de Wagenaar (Inventor), Loes Segerink (Inventor), Wouter Olthuis (Inventor), A.J. Sprenkels (Inventor), Albert van den Berg (Inventor)

Research output: Patent

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The invention provides a system (1) for performing sperm analysis and selection based on sperm cell morphology of sperm cells (6) in a fluid (5), the system (1) comprising: (i) a fluid flow channel (2) for transport of said fluid (5), the fluid flow channel (2) comprising an inlet (10) an analyzing zone (40) configured downstream from said inlet (10) and comprising a first pair of electrodes (41) comprising a first intra-electrode distance (dl), a sorting zone (50) configured downstream from said analyzing zone (40) and comprising a sorting device (51), and outlets (80, 90, . . . ) configured downstream from said sorting zone (50); (ii) an electric source (140) configured to provide an electric signal to the first pair of electrodes (41); (iii) a measuring device (150) functionally coupled to the first pair of electrodes (41) and configured to measure a first impedance as a function of time of the fluid (5) between the first pair of electrodes, and to provide time-dependent impedance data; wherein the sorting device (51) is configured to sort sperm cells (6) by directing the sperm cell (6) in the sorting zone (50) to one of the outlets (80, 90, . . . ) based on a comparison in a comparison stage of the time dependent impedance data with predefined reference data.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS 10,670,508 B2
IPCPCT / EP2016 / 073467
Priority date30/09/16
Publication statusPublished - 2 Jun 2020


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