Micromachined cryogenic coolers for cooling low-temperature detectors and electronics

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Vibration-free miniature cryogenic coolers are relevant to a wide variety of applications, including cooling of detectors in space missions, low-noise amplifiers and superconducting electronics. For these applications, the cryogenic system (cooler plus interface) should be small, low-cost, low-interference and above all very reliable (long-life). A cold stage based on microelectro mechanical systems technology was designed and prototypes were realized and tested. This cooler operates on basis of the Joule-Thomson effect. A design aiming at a net cooling power of 10 mW at 96 K and operating with nitrogen as the working fluid was optimized and measures 28 mm × 2.2 mm × 0.8 mm. It operates with a nitrogen flow of 1 mg/s at a high pressure of 80 bar and a low pressure of 6 bar. The design and fabrication of the coolers is discussed along with experimental results.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication2008 IEEE Sensors, SENSORS 2008
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 2008
Event2008 IEEE Sensors, SENSORS 2008 - Lecce, Italy
Duration: 26 Oct 200829 Oct 2009

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NameProceedings of IEEE Sensors


Conference2008 IEEE Sensors, SENSORS 2008

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