Mobile Health Care over 3G Networks: the MobiHealth Pilot System and Service

K.E. Wac, Richard G.A. Bults, D. Konstantas, Aart van Halteren, Valerie M. Jones, I.A. Widya, Rainer Herzog

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    Health care is one of the most prominent areas for the application of wireless technologies. New services and applications are today under research and development targeting different areas of health care, from high risk and chronic patients’ remote monitoring to mobility tools for the medical personnel. In this direction the MobiHealth project developed and trailed a system and a service that is using UMTS for the continuous monitoring and transmission of vital signals, like Pulse Oximeter sensor , temperature, Marker, Respiratory band, motion/activity detector etc., to the hospital. The system, based on the concept of the Body Area Network, is highly customisable, allowing sensors to be seamlessly connected and transmit the monitored vital signal measurements. The system and service was trialed in 4 European countries and it is presently under market validation.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2004


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    Wac, K. E., Bults, R. G. A., Konstantas, D., van Halteren, A., Jones, V. M., Widya, I. A., & Herzog, R. (2004). Mobile Health Care over 3G Networks: the MobiHealth Pilot System and Service. 71-76.