Model-based Optimization of Battery Energy Storage Systems

Leonardo K.K. Maia, Zeynep Güven, Fabio La Mantia, Edwin Zondervan

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A lithium-ion battery model based on the Single Particle Model (SPM) is formulated in MATLAB®. The model consists of a set of first-principle (algebraic and PDEs) and empirical equations that describe the dynamic behaviour of a Li-ion battery system. A sensitivity analysis is performed to identify the most important parameters and variables in the model. To assess the loss of battery capacity through cycling, the reduction of the electrolyte (ethylene carbonate) is considered as a side reaction. The battery is cycled until the end-of-life conditions are met: EODV (end of discharge voltage) below 3 V or capacity fading greater than 20% of the initial capacity of the battery. A gradient-based optimization is performed, identifying the maximum number of cycles within the simulated conditions. The influence of time of discharge, depth-of-discharge and ageing parameters is also assessed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2563-2568
Number of pages6
JournalComputer Aided Chemical Engineering
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2017
Externally publishedYes
Event27th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 1 Oct 20175 Oct 2017


  • battery energy storage systems
  • energy storage
  • modeling
  • renewable energy
  • sensitivity analysis

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