Model-driven system development: Experimental design and report of the pilot experiment

Sergio España, Nelly Condori-Fernandez, Roelf J. Wieringa, Arturo González, Oscar Pastor

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    This report describes de design of an experiment that intends to compare two variants of a modeldriven system development method, so as to assess the impact of requirements engineering practice in the quality of the conceptual models. The conceptual modelling method being assessed is the OO‿Method [Pastor and Molina 2007]. One of its variants includes Communication Analysis, a communication‿oriented requirements engineering method [España, González et al. 2009] and a set of guidelines to derive conceptual models from requirements models [España, Ruiz et al. 2011; González, España et al. 2011]. The other variant is an ad‿hoc, text‿based requirements practice similar to the one that is applied in industrial projects by OO‿Method practitioners.
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    Place of PublicationValencia
    PublisherUniversitat Politecnica de Valencia
    Number of pages83
    Publication statusPublished - Oct 2011

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    NameTechnical report
    PublisherUniversidad Politecnica de Valencia


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