Modelling of a micro Coriolis mass flow sensor for sensitivity improvement

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    We have developed a multi-axis flexible body model with which we can investigate the behavior of (micro) Coriolis mass flow sensors with arbitrary channel geometry. The model has been verified by measurements on five different designs of micro Coriolis mass flow sensors. The model predicts the Eigen frequency of the first two modes within 10% when the sensor tube is filled with air, water or iso-propyl alcohol. The complex shape and high aspect ratio of the micro channels do not allow conventional FEM modelling. Instead the Matlab package SPACAR is used, which allows to model the sensor with a limited number of elements, providing fast and accurate numerical computations. This allows optimization of channel geometry and positioning of the sensing structures. The model can also be applied to other resonating structures.
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    Publication statusPublished - 4 Nov 2014
    Event2014 IEEE Sensors - Valencia Conference Centre, Valencia, Spain
    Duration: 2 Nov 20145 Nov 2014


    Conference2014 IEEE Sensors
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    • IR-92825
    • flexible body model
    • EWI-24184
    • Coriolis mass flow sensor

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