Modelling of static friction in rubber-metal contact

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A static friction model for contact between rough rubber and metal surfaces is developed. This model is based on the contact of a viscoelastic–rigid asperity couple. Single asperity contact is modelled in such a way that the asperities stick together in a central region and slip over an annulus at the edge of the contact. The slip area increases with increasing tangential load. Consequently, the static friction force is the force when the slip area is equal to the contact area. Using the model, the traction distributions, contact area, tangential and normal displacement of two contacting asperities are calculated. The single asperity model is then extended to multi-asperity contact, suitable for rough surfaces. This model allows calculation of the above-mentioned parameters for two rough surfaces (a rubber and a metal one) subjected to normal and tangential loads. A parametric study will be presented. The results are qualitatively in good agreement with those found in literature.
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JournalTribology international
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2007


  • METIS-235900
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  • Limiting displacement
  • Visco-elasticity
  • Static friction

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