Modelling the effects of spatial and temporal resolution of rainfall and basin model on extreme river discharge

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Important characteristics of an appropriate river basin model, intended to study the effect of climate change on basin response, are the spatial and temporal resolution of the model and the rainfall input. The effects of input and model resolution on extreme discharge of a large river basin are assessed to give some indication on appropriate resolutions. A simple stochastic rainfall model and a river basin model with uniform parameters and multiple rainfall input have been developed and applied to the River Meuse basin in northwestern Europe. The results show that the effect of model resolution on extreme river discharge is much greater than that of input resolution. The highest model resolution seems to be quite accurate in determining extreme discharge. Although the results should be interpreted with caution, they may give some indication of appropriate input and model resolutions for the determination of extreme discharge of a large river basin.
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Pages (from-to)307-320
JournalHydrological sciences journal
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2002


  • METIS-124148
  • extreme river discharge
  • Precipitation
  • Resolution
  • Meuse basin
  • Climate Change
  • dimensionless river basin model
  • random phase rainfall model
  • rainfall–runoff modelling
  • scale analysis
  • IR-78670

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