Modelling the Interaction among Sand Extraction, Sediment Composition, Benthic Organisms and Sand Wave Dynamics

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This literature review is written as part of my PhD project, which is in turn part of the NWO-funded “OR ELSE” project. This project investigates and aims to improve marine sand extraction strategies, specifically from a marine life point of view: is it possible to mitigate the negative consequences of sand extraction for sea life, and perhaps even use the extraction to create a positive impact? This project is executed with a particular focus on the Netherlands and, consequently, the Dutch part of the North Sea. Within this project, this PhD specifically focuses on the biogeomorphology of the sea bed, i.e. the coupled development of the sea bed morphology and the organisms.
To give a complete overview of the state-of-the-art research into sand wave dynamics, as well as the interaction between morphology and biology, this literature review answers the following questions:
Q1. How do different hydrodynamical processes explain and change sand wave dynamics?
Q2. How do sedimentological processes and sediment properties interact with sand wave dynamics?
Q3. Which mechanisms govern the interaction between benthic organisms and sand wave dynamics?
Q4. How does sand extraction on the Netherlands Continental Shelf influence the bed morphology,
composition and benthic organisms?
Each of the following chapters will treat one of these questions and review the information required to answer it. The answers to the questions are then formulated based on the review in the conclusion (Chapter 6).
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2024

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