Molecular printboards: versatile platforms for the creation and positioning of supramolecular assemblies and materials

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This tutorial review describes the development of molecular printboards, which are tailor-made surfaces functionalized with receptor (host) molecules. Such substrates can be used for the binding of complementary ligand (guest) molecules through multivalent interactions. Supramolecular multivalent interactions are ideal to attain a quantitative and fundamental understanding of multivalency at interfaces. Because of their quantitative interpretation, the focus is on (i) the interaction of cyclodextrin host surfaces with multivalent hydrophobic guest molecules, (ii) the vancomycin–oligopeptide system, and (iii) the multivalent binding of histidine-tagged proteins to NiNTA receptor surfaces. The review will be of interest to researchers in the fields of supramolecular chemistry, chemical biology, surface chemistry, and molecular recognition.
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JournalChemical Society reviews
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