More than Moore creates opportunities for Materials Science

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    The semiconductor industry is changing focus towards “More than Moore��? innovation. By this is meant that microchip progress may not (or not only) follow from Moore’s Law and its resulting dimensional scaling, but can also come from the addition of new components, new layers and new functions inside the microchip itself. Examples are the introduction of passive RF components, biosensors, radiation detectors and 3-D integration. This new innovation paradigm offers great opportunities for materials scientists. While previously the IC industry was very reluctant to introduce new materials into the manufacturing line, this is now changing. Also, a traditional silicon wafer containing microchips, from a normal fabrication line, can be post-processed in another laboratory to receive further layers, adding functions to the underlying chips. In this presentation we will highlight exemplary new microdevices to illustrate this changing perspective. Each of these devices has its own materials science challenges, both in mastering the material properties, and in the characterization.
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    Publication statusPublished - 25 Oct 2007
    Event16th International Materials Research Congress (IMRC) 2007 - Cancun, Mexico
    Duration: 25 Oct 20071 Nov 2007


    Conference16th International Materials Research Congress (IMRC) 2007
    Other25 Oct - 1 Nov 2007


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