Multimodal image registration by edge attraction and regularization using a B-spline grid

Almar Klein, Dirk-Jan Kroon, Yvonne Hoogeveen, Leo J. Schultze Kool, W. Klaas Jan Renema, Cornelis H. Slump

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Multi modal image registration enables images from different modalities to be analyzed in the same coordinate system. The class of B-spline-based methods that maximize the Mutual Information between images produce satisfactory result in general, but are often complex and can converge slowly. The popular Demons algorithm, while being fast and easy to implement, produces unrealistic deformation fields and is sensitive to illumination differences between the two images, which makes it unsuitable for multi-modal registration in its original form. We propose a registration algorithm that combines a B-spline grid with deformations driven by image forces. The algorithm is easy to implement and is robust against large differences in the appearance between the images to register. The deformation is driven by attraction-forces between the edges in both images, and a B-spline grid is used to regularize the sparse deformation field. The grid is updated using an original approach by weighting the deformation forces for each pixel individually with the edge strengths. This approach makes the algorithm perform well even if not all corresponding edges are present. We report preliminary results by applying the proposed algorithm to a set of (multi-modal) test images. The results show that the proposed method performs well, but is less accurate than state of the art registration methods based on Mutual Information. In addition, the algorithm is used to register test images to manually drawn line images in order to demonstrate the algorithm's robustness.
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Title of host publicationMedical Imaging 2011: Image Processing
EditorsDenoit M. Dawant, David R. Haynor
Place of PublicationBellingham, USA
Number of pages8
ISBN (Print)978-0-81948-504-5
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2011
EventSPIE Medical Imaging 2011 - Lake Buena Vista, United States
Duration: 12 Feb 201117 Feb 2011

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ConferenceSPIE Medical Imaging 2011
Country/TerritoryUnited States
CityLake Buena Vista


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  • Image registration
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  • Multimodal
  • B-spline grid

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