Multisensor assessment of leaf area index across ecoregions of Ardabil Province, northwestern Iran

Lida Andalibi, Ardavan Ghorbani*, R. Darvishzadeh, Mehdi Moameri, Zeinab Hazbavi, Reza Jafari

*Corresponding author for this work

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Leaf area index (LAI), one of the most crucial vegetation biophysical variables, is required to evaluate the structural characteristic of plant communities. This study, therefore, aimed to evaluate the LAI of ecoregions in Iran obtained using Sentinel-2B, Landsat 8 (OLI), MODIS, and AVHRR data in June and July 2020. A field survey was performed in different ecoregions throughout Ardabil Province during June and July 2020 under the satellite image dates. A Laipen LP 100 (LP 100) field-portable device was used to measure the LAI in 822 samples with different plant functional types (PFTs) of shrubs, bushes, and trees. The LAI was estimated using the SNAPv7.0.4 (Sentinel Application Platform) software for Sentinel-2B data and Google Earth Engine (GEE) system–based EVI for Landsat 8. At the same time, for MODIS and AVHRR, the LAI products of GEE were considered. The results of all satellite-based methods verified the LAI variations in space and time for every PFT. Based on Sentinel-2B, Landsat 8, MODIS, and AVHRR application, the minimum and maximum LAIs were respectively obtained at 0.14–1.78, 0.09–3.74, 0.82–4.69, and 0.35–2.73 for shrubs; 0.17–5.17, 0.3–2.3, 0.59–3.84, and 0.63–3.47 for bushes; and 0.3–4.4, 0.3–4.5, 0.7–4.3, and 0.5–3.3 for trees. These estimated values were lower than the LAI values of LP 100 (i.e., 0.4–4.10 for shrubs, 1.6–7.7 for bushes, and 3.1–6.8 for trees). A significant correlation (p < 0.05) for almost all studied PFTs between LP 100-LAI and estimated LAI from sensors was also observed in Sentinel-2B (|r| > 0.63 and R2 > 0.89), Landsat 8 (|r| > 0.50 and R2 > 0.72), MODIS (|r| > 0.65 and R2 > 0.88), and AVHRR (|r| > 0.59 and R2 > 0.68). Due to its high spatial resolution and relatively significant correlation with terrestrial data, Sentinel-2B was more suitable for calculating the LAI. The results obtained from this study can be used in future studies on sustainable rangeland management and conservation.
Original languageEnglish
Article number5731
JournalRemote sensing
Issue number22
Publication statusPublished - 13 Nov 2022




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