Nano-Link Based Ultra Low Power Micro Electronic Hotplates for Sensors and Actuators

A.W. Groenland, Alexeij Y. Kovalgin, Jurriaan Schmitz, Robertus A.M. Wolters

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    Ultra low-power electrical hotplates are presented based on Ohmic heating of a small conductive volume (link) sandwiched between two electrodes. The link is fabricated by etching a hole in the dielectric layer between the electrodes and subsequently filling it with TiN deposited via ALD. This results in a hollow vertical cylinder with the walls covered by a conductive (TiN) film with a thickness of 7-15 nm. Devices with micro- $(\oslash \sim2-6 \mu m)$ and nano- ($\oslash \sim100 nm)$ links were fabricated on silicon substrates and electrically characterized (I-V curves). The link temperature as a function of the applied power was estimated. Devices with a micro link reached a link temperature of ~250 ºC with a power consumption of 2.7 mW. Devices with a nanolink exhibited a link temperature of ~280 ºC by consuming only 5.5 µW.
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    Pages (from-to)25-34
    Number of pages10
    JournalECS transactions
    Issue number30
    Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2011


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