NETFORM and code optimizer manual

Jaap Smit, J.A. van Hulzen, B.J.A. Hulshof

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    NETFORM is a very powerful and flexible tool for solving (sparse) systems of linear equations in algebraic form. The system includes convenient facilities to generate (and solve) linear equations for electrical networks.The accompanying Code Optimizer is a general purpose tool to automatically optimize sets of algebraic expressions, with emphasis on those generated by the NETFORM system.Thus the combination of both systems can be used to solve numerous problems of a symbolic and/or numeric nature, taking full advantage of the REDUCE 2 embedding in which it is supported.For instance NETFORM can automatically provide a user with descriptive (tableau) equations of an arbitrary linear electrical network and, as it solves such linear equations too, calculate any transferfunction of that linear electrical network. The NETFORM environment encourages users to think of electrical networks in terms of network elements, one port elements as well as subnetworks, which can be conveniently described and manipulated.Given a complete network description, NETFORM allows different approaches in analyzing it, i.e. a full symbolic analysis, a hybrid analysis, a state analysis or a mixed hybrid and state analysis.
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    Pages (from-to)23-32
    JournalACMSIGSAM bulletin
    Issue number4
    Publication statusPublished - 1981


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