Non-spill discharge characteristics of bucket elevators

F.J.C. Rademacher

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One of the well-known disadvantages of a simple type bucket elevator is still the backflow or spill. The accordingly lower capacity and increased power consumption are not always the worst consequences, provided that the boot does not become too full. With the considerable heights of modern bucket elevators, up to 225 ft and over, serious damaging of the conveyed material, an intensified noise level and increased wear can be far more inconvenient. The discharge of the buckets has been recognised as an extremely complicated phenomenon which strictly speaking cannot be analysed theoretically. This holds even more for free-flowing materials. Nevertheless, an analytical approximation has been worked out for the relatively simple case of cylindrical buckets filled with cohesive bulk material, to start with. With the developed approximative theory a spill-free combination of the relevant parameters has been found.
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Pages (from-to)215-241
JournalPowder technology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1979
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