Occupational status attainment in the Netherlands, 1920-1990: a multinomial logistic analysis

John Hendrickx, Harry B.G. Ganzeboom

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Status attainment in the Netherlands is analysed using both linear regression and multinomial logistic (MNL) regression for male labour-market cohorts between 1920 and 1990. The quasi row and columns 2 mobility model (Logan, 1983; Goodman, 1979) is included in the MNL model, and a stereotyped ordered regression model (Anderson, 1984; DiPrete, 1990) is used for the covariates. The regression analyses indicate that the effect of father's occupation becomes weaker for later entrants into the labour market and as work experience accumulates. The impact of education is not affected by entry year but only by work experience. The MNL models largely confirm the results of the regression analysis, but show that the weakening impact of father's occupation by entry year and experience is not due to an increased flow between occupational classes, but only to a reduced propensity to immobility.
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Pages (from-to)387-403
JournalEuropean sociological review
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1998
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