On-microchip multiphase chemistry - a review of microreactor design principles and reagent contacting modes

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The design and operation of liquid–liquid and gas–liquid immiscible systems depend mainly on the method of dispersion/phase contacting, whilst gas–liquid–solid and gas–gas–solid systems depend not only on the phase contacting, but also on the solid integration principles employed. The microreactor design ideas employable, the methods of phase contacting and the consequent effects on the reaction yields are reviewed.
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Publication statusPublished - 14 Mar 2005


  • Gas–gas–solid
  • Gas–liquid
  • Gas–liquid–solid
  • Multiphase reactions
  • Review
  • Lab-on-chip microreactors
  • EWI-18448
  • METIS-223800
  • IR-50969
  • Immiscible liquid–liquid

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