On particular solutions of linear partial differential equations with polynomial right-hand-sides

Thomas G. Anderson, Marc Bonnet, Luiz M. Faria, Carlos Pérez-Arancibia

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This paper introduces general methodologies for constructing closed-form solutions to several important partial differential equations (PDEs) with polynomial right-hand sides in two and three spatial dimensions. The covered equations include the isotropic and anisotropic Poisson, Helmholtz, Stokes, and elastostatic equations, as well as the time-harmonic linear elastodynamic and Maxwell equations. Polynomial solutions have recently regained significance in the development of numerical techniques for evaluating volume integral operators and have potential applications in certain kinds of Trefftz finite element methods. Our approach to all of these PDEs relates the particular solution to polynomial solutions of the Poisson and Helmholtz polynomial particular solutions, solutions that can in turn be obtained, respectively, from expansions using homogeneous polynomials and the Neumann series expansion of the operator $(k^2+\Delta)^{-1}$. No matrix inversion is required to compute the solution. The method naturally incorporates divergence constraints on the solution, such as in the case of Maxwell and Stokes flow equations. This work is accompanied by a freely available Julia library, \texttt{PolynomialSolutions.jl}, which implements the proposed methodology in a non-symbolic format and efficiently constructs and provides access to rapid evaluation of the desired solution.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 23 Jun 2023


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