On the Friction of Carbon Black- and Silica-Reinforced BR and S-SBR Elastomers

Milad Mokhtari, Dirk J. Schipper, T.V. Tolpekina

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Friction of carbon black- and silica-reinforced elastomers is studied experimentally and theoretically, using Persson’s model. The effect of reinforcement fillers on elasticity was determined by dynamical mechanical analysis. Carbon black-filled samples have a higher Young’s modulus than the silica-filled compounds. Silica-filled rubbers have a higher tan (δ) at lower temperatures and a lower loss tangent at higher temperatures, which is a rough indication for higher wet grip and lower rolling resistance, respectively. Friction tests on a ball-on-disk test rig were performed to study the effect of the reinforcement fillers and their amount on the friction between rubber samples (disks) and relatively smooth or rough granite surfaces (balls). The results were discussed and compared with the friction model presented by Persson. It was shown theoretically and experimentally that hysteresis does not play a significant role in the friction of rubber samples in contact with smooth granite and that it plays a minor role in contact with a rough granite sphere. Therefore, the hysteresis contribution of friction can be neglected in the contact of rubbers with just smooth spheres. Moreover, a higher friction coefficient is seen in samples with a higher content of fillers. Silica-filled compounds show a slightly higher coefficient of friction compared with the carbon black-filled compounds. The effect of attached wear debris to the granite surfaces on the friction level has been studied. The results are supported by SEM and confocal microscopic images of the wear debris itself and wear debris attached to the granite spheres, respectively
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)297-308
JournalTribology letters
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 29 Apr 2014


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