Open Source Powder based Rapid Prototyping Machine for Ceramics

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3DP (Three Dimensional Printing) technology is one of the SFF (Solid Freeform Fabrication) technologies which have recently come into the spotlight due to its adaptability to various applications. However, commercial 3DP machines are limited as to the use of building material, without voiding the warranty on the machine. At the same time, a rise in domestic rapid prototyping machines is observed, but none of these machines use the 3DP process. Therefore, an open source 3DP machine is designed and built. In this study, the machine is discussed and the first experiments are carried out to create ceramic (alumina and zirconia) membranes with specific physical properties. The purpose for developing this machine was opening up the opportunity to investigate printing ceramic membranes and reactors. Were, contrary to many other applications, maximal compaction of the powder during deposition is not desirable, to maintain an open structure the walls of the printed object. The machine is able to deposit the powder with adjustable bulk density, which is used to alter the properties of the membrane. The design of the printer (drawings, electronic layout, software) is publicly released under an open source license, free for others to adapt, build and use, e.g. in academic research.
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JournalProcedia CIRP
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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