Optical properties of PbTiO3, PbZrxTi1-xO3, and PbZrO3 films deposited by metalorganic chemical vapor on SrTiO3

M.P. Moret, M.A.C. Devillers, Kerstin Worhoff, P.K. Larsen

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    Epitaxial PZT films have been prepared by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition on SrTiO3 substrates. Two sets of films of thicknesses 50–100 and 700–1400 nm, containing 0%, 40%, 60%, and 100% Zr, were prepared and investigated. The refractive index n was determined by ellipsometry for the thin films and by reflectivity for the thicker films. Results were obtained over the energy range from 1.55 to 3.72 eV, and with a Cauchy-fit extrapolation down to 0.62 eV. The refractive-index curves show a systematic variation with composition. For all compositions, n is close to 3.2 at 3.72 eV (333 nm), while at 1.55 eV (800 nm) n is 2.35 for PZ and 2.61 for PT. In agreement with previous results we find that the optical band gap is essentially independent of composition for PZT. We obtained 3.660.1 eV. The n(E) results were analyzed by a Wemple–DiDomenico dispersion analysis, yielding results for the dispersion region in the ultraviolet. Unlike the band gap, which is insensitive to composition in PZT, the dispersion energy Ed decreases from PT to PZ in the same fashion as the refractive index in the transparent region.
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    Pages (from-to)468-474
    Number of pages7
    JournalJournal of Applied Physics
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2002


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