Orthosis for a human leg

Gijsbertus Jacobus Verkerke (Inventor), Roel Kuijer (Inventor), Maarten Wobbe van der Werf (Inventor), Rolf Willem Langius (Inventor), Edsko Evert Geert Hekman (Inventor), Johan Swanik Rietman (Inventor), Sjoerd Bultstra (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


An orthosis (1) for a leg of a human body comprises an above knee body support (2) for supporting a portion of said human body above the leg's knee; a below foot ground support (3) for resting upon the ground (8) while not supporting the leg's foot (9); a connection mechanism (4) interconnecting said body support and said ground support and being suitable for transferring loads via the ground support to the ground, while bypassing the knee and the foot, said mechanism comprising a pair of strut assemblies (11, 21), each strut assembly comprising a hinge (14, 24) arranged to be pivotable proximate the knee to permit bending of the knee during walking; and at least one distraction element (5, 6) for exerting a force on the below the knee portion of the leg for pulling apart opposing condyles of at least one condylar joint in the knee.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberEP2258324A1
Priority date8/12/10
Publication statusIn preparation - 29 Jul 2009


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