Panel Resonance Control and Cavity Control in Double-Panel Structures for Active Noise Reduction

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    An analytical and experimental investigation of panel resonance control and cavity control in a double-panel structure is presented in this paper. The double-panel structure, which consists of two panels with air in the gap, is widely adopted in many applications such as aerospace due to its low weight and effective transmission-loss at high frequencies. However, the resonance of the cavity and the poor transmission-loss at low frequencies limit its noise control performance. In this paper, the resonance of the cavity and the panels are considered simultaneously to increase the noise transmission-loss. A structural-acoustic coupled model is developed to investigate the vibration of the two panels, the acoustic resonance in the air cavity, and the control performance. The control design can be optimized through the model using a combined stability analysis incorporating both structural and acoustic control. Finally, the results will be presented and discussed.
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