Patterned monolayers of nitronyl nitroxide radicals

Matteo Mannini, Donella Rovai, Lorenzo Sorace, A. Perl, B.J. Ravoo, David Reinhoudt

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We report here the results of the preliminary characterization of the monolayer obtained both by self-assembling and microcontact printing of a di-alkyl sulfide nitronyl nitroxide derivative, 11-decyl sulfanyl-undecanyl nitronyl nitroxide of which we describe the synthesis. The sulfide unit has been introduced in order to allow the grafting of the molecule to the gold surface as well as to improve the stability of the organic radical with respect to different grafting agents like thiols, whereas the two long alkyl chains have been introduced to enhance the packing order of the molecules in a self assembled monolayer structure. X-band ESR was used to demonstrate the persistence of the paramagnetic character of the radical in the self-assembled monolayers, and to study its relatively large mobility. The microcontact printed monolayer was characterized by AFM, suggesting a non-negligible mobility of the molecules on the surfaces and a strong tilting of the molecules on the surface.
Original languageUndefined
Pages (from-to)3525-3528
Number of pages4
JournalInorganica chimica acta
Issue number12-13
Publication statusPublished - 2008


  • EPR
  • IR-78952
  • Self-assembled monolayer
  • Microcontact Printing
  • Organic radicals
  • Molecular magnetism
  • METIS-254291

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