Patterning functional materials using channel diffused plasma-etched self-assembled monolayer templates

A. George, A.W. Maijenburg, M.G. Maas, David H.A. Blank, Johan E. ten Elshof

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A simple and cost-effective methodology for large-area micrometer-scale patterning of a wide range of metallic and oxidic functional materials is presented. Self-assembled monolayers (SAM) of alkyl thiols on Au were micropatterned by channel-diffused oxygen plasma etching, a method in which selected areas of SAM were protected from plasma oxidation via a soft lithographic stamp. The patterned SAMs were used as templates for site-selective electrodeposition, electroless deposition and solution-phase deposition of functional materials such as ZnO, Ni, Ag thin films, and ZnO nanowires. The patterned SAMs and functional materials were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD), atomic force microscopy (AFM), and tunneling AFM (TUNA).
Original languageUndefined
Pages (from-to)12235-12242
Number of pages8
Issue number19
Publication statusPublished - 2011


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