Performance analysis of downlink shared channels in a UMTS network

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In light of the expected growth in wireless data communications and the commonly anticipated up/downlink asymmetry, we present a performance analysis of downlink data transfer over \textsc{d}ownlink \textsc{s}hared \textsc{ch}annels (\textsc{dsch}s), arguably the most efficient \textsc{umts} transport channel for medium-to-large data transfers. It is our objective to provide qualitative insight in the different aspects that influence the data \textsc{q}uality \textsc{o}f \textsc{s}ervice (\textsc{qos}). As a most principal factor, the data traffic load affects the data \textsc{qos} in two distinct manners: {\em (i)} a heavier data traffic load implies a greater competition for \textsc{dsch} resources and thus longer transfer delays; and {\em (ii)} since each data call served on a \textsc{dsch} must maintain an \textsc{a}ssociated \textsc{d}edicated \textsc{ch}annel (\textsc{a}-\textsc{dch}) for signalling purposes, a heavier data traffic load implies a higher interference level, a higher frame error rate and thus a lower effective aggregate \textsc{dsch} throughput: {\em the greater the demand for service, the smaller the aggregate service capacity.} The latter effect is further amplified in a multicellular scenario, where a \textsc{dsch} experiences additional interference from the \textsc{dsch}s and \textsc{a}-\textsc{dch}s in surrounding cells, causing a further degradation of its effective throughput. Following an insightful two-stage performance evaluation approach, which segregates the interference aspects from the traffic dynamics, a set of numerical experiments is executed in order to demonstrate these effects and obtain qualitative insight in the impact of various system aspects on the data \textsc{qos}.
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PublisherUniversity of Twente
Publication statusPublished - 2002

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