Persuasive technology to support active and healthy ageing: An exploration of past, present, and future

Miriam Cabrita (Corresponding Author), Harm op den Akker, Monique Tabak, Hermanus J. Hermens, Miriam Marie Rosé Vollenbroek-Hutten

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    The age of the population worldwide is rapidly increasing, bringing social and economic challenges. Persuasive technology can alleviate the burden on traditional healthcare services when used to support healthy behaviors, for instance in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Additionally, healthy behaviors are key factors for active and healthy ageing by delaying or even reversing functional decline. In this manuscript, we present a multi-perspective analysis of technologies that can be used in the support of active and healthy ageing in the daily life. First, we take the perspective of physical and mental health, by focusing on the promotion of physical activity and emotional wellbeing. From a temporal perspective, we look at how technology evolved from past, present and future. The overview of the literature is structured in four main sections: (1) measurement of current behavior (monitoring), (2) analysis of the data gathered to derive meaningful information (analyzing & reasoning), (3) support the individual in the adoption or maintenance of a behavior (coaching), and (4) tools or interfaces that provide the information to the individual to stimulate the desired behavior (applications). Finally, we provide recommendations for the design, development and implementation of future technological innovations to support Active and Healthy Ageing in daily life.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)17-30
    Number of pages14
    JournalJournal of biomedical informatics
    Early online date20 Jun 2018
    Publication statusPublished - Aug 2018


    • Monitoring
    • reasoning
    • Coaching
    • Older adults
    • Emotional well-being
    • Physical Activity


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