Polymer Microneedles

Yehoshua Yeshurun (Inventor), Meir Hefetz (Inventor), Johan W. Berenschot (Inventor), Meint J. de Boer (Inventor), Dominique Altpeter (Inventor), Garrit Boom (Inventor), G. Boom (Inventor)

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    A method for producing microneedles. The method including disposing a first layer of a radiation sensitive polymer on to a working surface and selectively irradiating the first layer such that the first layer has at least one irradiated region and at least one non-irradiated region. The method also including developing the first layer so as to selectively remove one of the at least one irradiated region and the at least one non-irradiated region such that, at least part of at least one remaining region at least partially defines a form of at least part of a microneedle structure. A microneedle structure including a plurality of microneedles at least partially formed from a radiation sensitive polymer.
    Original languageUndefined
    Patent numberUS20030397359
    Priority date2/08/05
    Publication statusSubmitted - 27 Mar 2003


    • IR-76060
    • EWI-20133
    • METIS-229588
    • EWI-19677

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