Preface (to: Brain-Computer Interfaces. Applying our Minds to Human-Computer Interaction)

Desney Tan

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    The advances in cognitive neuroscience and brain imaging technologies provide us with the increasing ability to interface directly with activity in the brain. Researchers have begun to use these technologies to build brain-computer interfaces. Originally, these interfaces were meant to allow patients with severe motor disabilities to communicate and to control devices by thought alone. Removing the need for motor movements in computer interfaces is challenging and rewarding. But there is also the potential of brain sensing technologies as input mechanisms that give access to extremely rich information about the state of the user. Having access to this information is valuable to human-computer interaction researchers and opens up at least three distinct areas of research: controlling computers by using thought alone or as a complementary input modality, evaluating systems and interfaces, and building adaptive user interfaces. Specifically, this book aims to identify and discuss: • brain-computer interface applications for users with permanent and situational physical disabilities, as well as for able-bodied users; this includes application in domains such as traditional communication and productivity tasks, as well as in games and entertainment computing; • sensing technologies and data processing techniques that apply well to the suite of applications in which HCI researchers are interested; • techniques for integrating brain activity, whether induced by thought or by performing a task, in the palette of input modalities for (multimodal) human-computer interaction;
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