Pressing challenges of halide perovskite thin film growth

Tatiana Del Socorro Soto Montero, Wiria Soltanpoor, Monica Morales Masis*

*Corresponding author for this work

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The adoption of new thin-film materials in high-end technologies, such as monolithic tandem solar cells and integrated circuits, demands fabrication processes that allow a high level of control over film properties such as thickness, conformality, composition, and crystal structure. Achieving this with traditional optoelectronic materials, such as silicon, indium phosphide, gallium arsenide, silicon nitride, and several metal oxides, has opened the way for applications such as high-efficiency photovoltaics, light emitting devices, and integrated photonics. More recently, halide perovskites have demonstrated huge potential in optoelectronic applications, showing exceptional photovoltaic properties, light emission, and lasing performance. Common growth techniques for these halide perovskites have been solution-based methods. Optimized solution-based processes yield high quality thin films well-suited for applications, such as single-junction solar cells, but remain incompatible with integration into complex devices such as monolithic tandem photovoltaics and photonic circuits. Therefore, new fabrication methods allowing atomic, structural, and compositional precision with the conformal growth of hybrid and multi-compound halide perovskite thin films are of utmost importance for material exploration and for their application in complex devices. This Perspective reviews the progress on synthesis methods of halide perovskite thin films, discusses pressing challenges, and proposes strategies for growth control, versatile film deposition, monolithic device integration, epitaxial growth, and high-throughput synthesis to discover novel and non-toxic stable metal halide compositions.
Original languageEnglish
Article number110903
Number of pages22
JournalAPL materials
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2020


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