Proceedings of the 2nd Int'l Workshop on Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures - Concepts and Applications (EMISA'07)

M.U. Reichert (Editor), S. Strecker, K. Turowski

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    Modern organizations recognize the need for a close alignment of their business and IT. Achieving such an alignment recommends the co-design of the organization and its information systems considering in particular the corporate strategy, business processes, and the information systems that support them. In this respect, two essential challenges pertain to reducing the inherent complexity of co-design, and to overcoming the notorious cultural chasm between business people and IT professionals. Conceptual models of the enterprise as well as information systems architectures represent important means to deal with these challenges. Enterprise models integrate conceptual models of information systems and models of the surrounding action systems such as business process models and, hence, take into account technical, organisational, as well as economic aspects of the organization. Information systems architectures provide ‘blueprints’ for the design and implementation of software systems and complement enterprise models in the co-design of the organization and its information systems. Both serve as a medium to foster communication and cooperation between various stakeholders in the firm. At the same time, research on enterprise models and information systems architectures recommends the cooperation of fields such as Information Systems, Business Informatics, and Computer Science. The 2nd International Workshop on “Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures – Concepts and Applications��? (EMISA’07) addresses all aspects relevant for enterprise modelling as well as for designing enterprise architectures in general and information systems architectures in particular. It is jointly organized by the GI Special Interest Group on Modelling Business Information Systems (GI-SIG MoBIS) and the GI Special Interest Group on Design Methods for Information Systems (GI-SIG EMISA). These proceedings feature a selection of 15 high quality contributions from academia and practice on enterprise architecture models, business processes management, information systems engineering, and other important issues in enterprise modelling and information systems architectures. We received 39 submissions which were all thoroughly reviewed by at least two selected experts of the program committee. Fifteen contributions were selected for presentation at the workshop and for publication in these proceedings. We would like to thank the members of the program committee and the reviewers for their efforts in selecting the papers. They helped us to compile a high-quality technical program. We would like to acknowledge the splendid support of the local organization. We also thank Mathias Weske as keynote speaker. Special thanks go to Ulrich Frank and Peter Rittgen for their assistance with organizing EMISA’07. We hope you will find the papers in this volume interesting and stimulating. October 2007 Manfred Reichert, Stefan Strecker, and Klaus Turowski (Eds.)
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