Progress in the development of Nb3Sn conductors based on the "Powder in tube" method with finer filaments

J.H. Lindenhovius, E.M. Hornsveld, A. den Ouden, W.A.J. Wessel, H.H.J. ten Kate

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Inspired by the successful operation of the 11 T Nb3Sn experimental dipole magnet MSUT, a new large bore 10 T@4.5 K Nb3 Sn model dipole magnet is under development in The Netherlands. For application in this system, Shape Metal Innovation (SMI) has developed a new "Powder in tube" type of Nb3Sn conductor with an increased number of filaments. At a strand diameter of 0.9 mm, the diameter of the filaments after reaction for only 33 hours at 675°C has been reduced to about 20 microns. The non-copper critical current density has been measured to be as high as 1890 A/mm 2 at 10 T@4.25 K.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1451-1454
Number of pages4
JournalIEEE transactions on applied superconductivity
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1999
Event1998 Applied Superconductivity Conference, ASC 1998 - Desert Springs Resort, Palm Desert, United States
Duration: 13 Sep 199818 Sep 1998

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