PS-8 Sparse Appearance Model Based Registration and Segmentation of 3D Echocardiographic Images

N. de Jong, A.F.W. van der Steen, K.Y.E. Leung, M. van Stralen, G. van Burken, M.M. Voormolen, A. Nemes, F.J. ten Cate, M.L. Geleijnse, J.H.C. Reiber, J.G. Bosch

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In this study, active appearance model segmentation and intensity-based image registration were combined for detecting contours in three-dimensional (3D) echocardiograms fully automatically. An appearance model was built in 3D sparsely, consisting of the anatomical 4-chamber, 2-chamber, and short-axis views, which were extracted from end-diastolic 3D data sets. The model was used to segment an unseen image in a registration framework, by optimizing appearance and pose parameters simultaneously. Encouraging results were obtained with leave-one-out experiments on 16 patient data sets. The method may help inter- and intrapatient comparison of images, and is intended as an initialization for a complete 3D segmentation.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings 2006 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium
Place of PublicationPiscataway, NJ
Number of pages4
ISBN (Print)1-4244-0201-8, 1-4244-0202-6
Publication statusPublished - 3 Oct 2006
EventIEEE Ultrasonics Symposium 2006 - Vancouver, Canada
Duration: 3 Oct 20066 Oct 2006


ConferenceIEEE Ultrasonics Symposium 2006


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