Pyrolysis oil utilization in 50KWE gas turbine

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The concept of using pyrolysis oil (PO) derived from biomass via a fast pyrolysis route for power and heat generation encounters problems due to an incompatibility between properties (physical and chemical) of bio-oil and gas turbines designed for fossil fuels. An extensive research has been performed on the production and improvement of pyrolysis oil but only few investigations were carried out on its utilization. The latter have shown a major difference in behavior of pyrolysis oil compared to fossil fuels during combustion processes. In this work, pyrolysis oil is co-fired with diesel in a 50 kWe gas turbine operating in idle mode. Stable mixtures with up to 20 wt.% of pyrolysis oil and diesel fuel were produced with utilization of a surfactant agent. To prevent feeding line deterioration due to acidic character of pyrolysis oil, a stainless steel nozzle was employed. Furthermore, the fuel emulsion was preheated up to maximum temperature of 80 oC in order to reduce the effect of high viscosity on the atomization process. Diesel distillate #2 was used as a reference fuel for a comparison of gas turbine performance and emissions with various PO content in the blends. During the combustion investigations, the amount of pyrolysis oil was gradually increased with simultaneous decrease of preheating temperature. In all investigated cases, the gas turbine was running stable at its maximum rotational speed (RPM). The CO level resulting from the study with different blends was generally slightly higher in relation to the diesel distillate fuel. NO emissions were in the range of few ppm and almost no detectable with common gas analyzing equipment. After a few hours of continuous operation, there were no signs of deterioration or contaminations inside the combustor. The study shows that pyrolysis oil gradually can be introduced in the market of fossil fuels and benefit to green power generation.
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Title of host publicationProceedings of the 18th IRFR Members' conference (usb)
Place of PublicationFreising, Germany
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2015
Event18th IRFR Members' Conference 2015 - Freising, Germany
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Conference18th IRFR Members' Conference 2015


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