Questioning the Dutch multicultural model of immigrant integration

Jan Willem Duyvendak, Peter Scholten

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    In this article, we deal with this dominant image of Dutch integration policies in terms of ‘a multiculturalist model’ (Joppke 2004: 248; Koopmans 2002:91; Sniderman & Hagendoorn 2007). These authors all claim that the Dutch pursued multiculturalist policies. Moreover, they claim that these policies have been a complete failure: “Under the shadow of official multiculturalism, an ‘ethnic underclass’ had been allowed to emerge” (Joppke, 2004: 248). Dutch pluralist integration policy is thought to have had not only a pernicious effect on the socio­cultural integration of migrants but also a negative impact on their socio­economic integration (Koopmans & Statham 2000; Ireland 2004). In this article, we don’t deal with the alleged consequences of multicultural policies, but ask the question if the picture of a Dutch multicultural model itself is correct. In other words, we will address the question whether there has been a coherent set of policies that deserve the label of a model.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)77-105
    JournalMigrations Société
    Issue number122
    Publication statusPublished - 2009


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