Radio channel modeling in body area networks

L. An, Marinus Jan Bentum, Arjan Meijerink, W.G. Scanlon

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    A body area network (BAN) is a network of bodyworn or implanted electronic devices, including wireless sensors which can monitor body parameters or to detect movements. One of the big challenges in BANs is the propagation channel modeling. Channel models can be used to understand wave propagation in and around the human body and they are essential for antenna design, protocol design and the design of front-end RF hardware and modulation. Consequently, the channel modeling is the starting point of e_ective, e_cient body-centric communications. In our project, we will investigate the propagation characteristics around the human body and propose accurate channel models in various user cases
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    Number of pages3
    Publication statusPublished - 18 May 2010
    EventURSI Benelux Forum 2010 - Brussels, Belgium
    Duration: 18 May 201018 May 2010


    ConferenceURSI Benelux Forum 2010


    • EWI-19011
    • IR-75267

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