Reactive Ion Etching of Y2O3 films applying F-, Cl- and Cl/Br-based Inductively Coupled Plasmas

J.D.B. Bradley, F. Ay, M. Pollnau, K. Wörhoff

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    Reactive ion etching of yttrium oxide thin films was investigated using $CF_{4}/O_{2}, BCl_{3}, HBr$ and $Cl_{2}$ inductively coupled plasmas. For all gas combinations, with the exception of $Cl_{2}$, the etch rate was found to be similar, indicating a primarily physical etch process, enhanced in $Cl_{2}$ by an additional chemical-etching component. The highest observed etch rate was 53 nm/min in $Cl_{2}$, suitable for controlled etching of optical ridge waveguide structures several hundred nm in height. Overall, the surface quality of the etched $Y_{2}O_{3}$ films was the highest after etching in $CF_{4}/O_{2}$ plasmas, indicating a trade-off in etch rate and film quality between the various process gases. Preliminary selectivity measurements show that Ni is a suitable material for etch-masking of high resolution structures in $Y_{2}O_{3}$.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationScience and Technology of Dielectrics for Active and Passive Photonic Devices
    EditorsP. Masscher, K. Wörhoff, D. Misra
    Place of PublicationPennington, NJ
    PublisherThe Electrochemical Society Inc.
    Number of pages8
    ISBN (Print)1-56677-515-9
    Publication statusPublished - 2006
    Event210th Electrochemical Society Meeting, ECS 2006 - Cancún, Mexico
    Duration: 29 Oct 20063 Nov 2006

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    NameECS Transactions
    PublisherThe Electrochemical Society


    Conference210th Electrochemical Society Meeting, ECS 2006
    Abbreviated titleECS 2006


    • IOMS-APD: Advanced Photonic Devices


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