Realising new organisational forms. Integrating design and development in the change process

D.O. Limburg

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    As the growth in teleworking, 'virtual teams', and 'virtual enterprises' has shown, the economic landscape is increasingly characterised by an ability to work across spatial and organisational boundaries. Only with this redesign of working methods and business processes can the promise of the digital age be delivered.eBusiness and Workplace Redesign argues that the key context for much of today's technology-supported organisational change is being set by developments in eBusiness. In the handling of change, this book places particular emphasis on how the design of work and use of space can be planned and managed in more systematic and effective ways.The reader is shown how organisations can embrace the new technologies and business opportunities presented by the Internet, and so create more productive, dynamic and sustainable workplaces that exploit the benefits of these new forms of work flexibility.This book draws upon an international, multidisciplinary team of editors and contributors and presents the most recent academic research on the subject of eCommerce, appealing to students and researchers, managers and systems developers.
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    Title of host publicationeBusiness and Workplace Redesign
    EditorsP. Jackson, R. Suomi
    Place of PublicationLondon, New York
    Number of pages178
    ISBN (Print)0-415-24888-4
    Publication statusPublished - 2002


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