Report on stakeholders’ interests, visions, and concerns - InnoForESt Deliverable 5.2

Christian Schleyer, Peter Stegmaier, Michael Klingler, Jutta Kister, Ewert J. Aukes

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    Understanding stakeholders and stakeholder constellations is essential for governing FES sustainably and for fostering the identification and development of respective governance innovations. InnoForESt aims for an integrated approach to knowledge generation, stakeholder inter-action, and triggering governance innovation. Thus, identifying, mapping, and integrating a diversity of stakeholders’ knowledge, interests, visions, and concerns, including civil society perceptions, user demands, facilitators’ suggestions, and how stakeholders are interlinked is crucial for keeping the InnoForESt innovation action as compatible as possible with stakeholders’ perspectives. The assessment of the stakeholders’ key orientations regarding FES governance innovation is essential for fostering the co-production of the innovation networks and prototypes. More precisely, stakeholder analysis in the context of InnoForESt has the purpose of (1) identifying, organizing, and sharing the available, but unstructured or implicit knowledge about stakeholders, (2) identifying stakeholder-related knowledge gaps and, based on this, (3) gathering new stakeholder information relevant for fostering the innovation processes in the respective case studies, and (4) allowing for cross-case study analysis and for developing stake-holder typologies.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages68
    Publication statusPublished - 2018


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