Report on the Tenth International Workshop on Bidirectional Transformations (BX 2022)

Xiao He, Li Yao Xia, Vadim Zaytsev

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Bidirectional transformations (BX) are a mechanism for maintaining the consistency between two or more related and heterogeneous sources of information (e.g., relational databases, software models and code, or any other arte facts following standard or domain-specific formats). The strongest argument in favour of BX is its ability to provide a synchronisation mechanism that is guaranteed to be correct by construction. BX has been attracting a wide range of research areas and communities, with prominent presence at top conferences in several different fields (namely databases, programming languages, software engineering, graph transformation). The fast-growing complexity of software- or data-intensive systems forced industry and academia to use and investigate different development techniques to manage many different aspects of the systems. Researchers are actively investigating the use of bidirectional approaches to tackle a diverse set of challenges with various applications including model-driven software development, visualisation with direct manipulation, big data, databases, domain-specific languages, serialisers, data transformation, integration and exchange. BX 2022 is a dedicated venue for BX in all relevant fields and is part of a workshop series that was created in order to promote cross-disciplinary research and awareness in the area.

Original languageEnglish
JournalCEUR workshop proceedings
Publication statusPublished - 2022
Event10th International Workshop on Bidirectional Transformations, BX 2022 - Nantes, France
Duration: 5 Jul 20225 Jul 2022
Conference number: 10


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