Repotting the geraniums: on nested graph transformation rules

Arend Rensink, Jan-Hendrik Kuperus

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    We propose a scheme for rule amalgamation based on nested graph predicates. Essentially, we extend all the graphs in such a predicate with right hand sides. Whenever such an enriched nested predicate matches (i.e., is satisfied by) a given host graph, this results in many individual match morphisms, and thus many “small��? rule applications. The total effect is described by the amalgamated rule. This makes for a smooth, uniform and very powerful amalgamation scheme, which we demonstrate on a number of examples. Among the examples is the following, which we believe to be inexpressible in very few other parallel rule formalism proposed in the literature: repot all flowering geraniums whose pots have cracked.
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    Title of host publicationGraph transformation and visual modelling techniques
    EditorsA. Boronat, R. Heckel
    PublisherEuropean Association for the Study of Science and Technology
    Number of pages15
    ISBN (Print)1863-2122
    Publication statusPublished - 2009

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    NameElectronic Communications of the EASST
    ISSN (Print)1863-2122


    • METIS-263949
    • Graph Transformation
    • EWI-15800
    • IR-68252
    • Quantiefied Transformation Rules
    • Nested Transformation Rules

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