Rethinking Safety and Security of the Energy System for a Green Future

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Nations across the world are transitioning their energy systems from fossil fuels to renewable sources at a rapidly accelerating pace. This has huge consequences for how we balance supply and demand in our electricity grid. The shift to renewables also entails a shift from highly centralised production, in large-scale fossil fuel power plants, to vastly distributed renewable sources at scales ranging from photovoltaic home systems to huge offshore wind farms. We argue that this transition requires us to radically rethink the safety and security of the energy grids and the whole supply chain that our modern society depends on. We will move from a well-understood heavily centralised infrastructure to one that is much harder to control, because of physical remoteness (e.g., offshore windfarms), the vast amount of decentralised assets, and because of a much more volatile and dynamic energy production level. This vastly increases our dependence on digital Operational Technology (OT) to control and monitor production for supply and demand balancing, and to, e.g., sense disruptions that require maintenance crews to be sent to remote locations. Couple that with a required change in behaviour of large consumers (industry) and small prosumers (households) to deal with a much more dynamic energy market and it is clear that we face big challenges in safety and security for the energy transition. In this position paper, we argue the need for a research agenda for rethinking how we manage the safety and security of our energy infrastructure.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 8 Jul 2024
EventInternational Workshop on Safety-Security Interaction, Sensei 2024 - Enschede, Netherlands
Duration: 8 Jul 20248 Jul 2024


WorkshopInternational Workshop on Safety-Security Interaction, Sensei 2024
Abbreviated titleSensei 2024


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