Review: Musicsim: integrating audio analysis and user feedback in an interactive music browsing UI

Egon van den Broek

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    Music is omnipresent in modern societies. Consequently, attention to its selection, retrieval, and the maintenance of its collections is increasing. Using MusicSim, the authors introduce a utility to support these tasks. The authors start their paper with a concise, up-to-date overview on the topic. Two main issues are addressed in this paper. First is the clustering of music through combining metadata and content-based (for example, audio) features; however, how this is implemented in MusicSim is not made clear. Second, the authors stress the need “to take the human into the loop.��? As explained in the paper, this is done through an interactive card-sorting task, which provides relevant feedback to the system. Although MusicSim’s rationale is good, the paper omits technical specifications and its implementation seems to lack advancement. Moreover, a thorough evaluation of the system is not described because it would be “beyond the focus of this paper.��? So, at best, a true evaluation seems to be saved for another paper. Possibly, this paper could have illustrated MusicSim’s potential benefits, but, unfortunately, it also fails in this regard.
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    JournalComputing reviews
    Publication statusPublished - 16 Apr 2009


    • retrieval
    • audio signals
    • Review
    • Selection
    • EWI-18402
    • MUSIC

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