Reviews in instructional video

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This study investigates the effectiveness of a video tutorial for software training whose construction was based on a combination of insights from multimedia learning and Demonstration-Based Training. In the videos, a model of task performance was enhanced with instructional features that were intended to be particularly effective insofar as they addressed four key processes in observational learning (i.e., attention, retention, reproduction and motivation). An experiment with two conditions was reported. The control condition consisted of only demonstration videos. The experimental condition included a review after task demonstration to provide additional support for retention. The videos taught Word formatting tasks. The 73 participants came from elementary and secondary school. During training, video playing was followed by task practice. After training, a post-test was administered. Engagement data showed that demonstration videos were played almost completely (93%). Reviews fared worse (32%). Motivation increased significantly with training regardless of condition. Task performance also increased significantly from pre-test (29%) to training (84%) and post-test (71%). In addition, results for performance during and after training were significantly better for the experimental condition than the control condition. The discussion argues that the demonstration videos provide a viable way to support task completion. To further improve learning, better understanding of learners' retention processes is needed.

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JournalComputers & education
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2017


  • Demonstration-based training
  • Multimedia learning theory
  • Reviews
  • Software tutorial
  • Video
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